20 Essentials to Carry While Trekking in Sikkim

Trekking in Sikkim is very different from trekking in other parts of India, as Sikkim is full of bio diversities. The topography and height of the area makes it a difficult terrain to trek on. Although it is advisable to carry a light back pack during trekking, for trekking in Sikkim you need to carry with you many essential commodities to help you on your way.A few essentials are –

1. Warm Jacket :

jacket needed for trekking

As many places in Sikkim are much higher from the sea level, the temperature remains low. So you need to carry warm jacket to keep you warm during the trekking tour.

2. Warm Pants

pant needed for trekking

Similarly you also need warm pants to protect your legs from the cold temperature of the place. Better keep two to cover some problem like getting wet in rains.

3. Rain Jackets

rain Jackets for trekking

As Sikkim is in the north east side of India, it often rains there. So you should keep rain jacket to protect you from sudden rain while trekking.

4. Shell pants

shell pants needed for trekking

These pants are important for trekking expedition, as you may have to walk in the rains during your trekking.

5. Warm caps

Cap Needed for Trekking

While trekking during the early morning or when the temperature is low near the mountains, you may require the warm head gears to cover your head and ears. So don’t forget them.

6. Trekking hats

hat needed for trekking

While trekking on a sunny day, you may require a cap to protect your head from the powerful rays of the Sun. So keep it with you.

7. Sun Glasses

sunglass needed for trekking

This is also very necessary for your trekking trip, as the need to protect your eyes from the scorching bright rays of the Sun may arise. You need to take sunglasses with ultraviolet and infrared filtration protection, which have the detachable side protections too.

8. LED Headlamps

LED head lamps for trekking

Headlamps are required to see the way if it grows dim during your trek and also to see or read in your tent. Keep extra batteries and bulbs too.

9. Warm Gloves

Gloves for trekking

You should have warm gloves which should have a water proof outer covering to avoid it from getting wet.

10. Liner Socks

shocks for trekking

Liner socks are important to prevent moisture and blisters on your feet.

11. Hiking Socks 

Hiking Shocks for trekking

These socks are important to make the outer covering of your feet to save from cold.

12. Hiking Boots

Hiking boots for trekking

 Taking light or medium trekking boots is recommended to protect your feet from soars and blisters, as these may mar your trekking trip badly.

13. Thermal Inner

Thermal inner for trekking

 This should be taken to form the inner most layer of ‘layering’ pattern of clothing to keep you warm.

14. Back Pack

Back pack for trekking

This should be of light weight and should be spacious enough to hold all your necessary goods.

15. Water Bottles

water-bottle for tekking

Water bottles are required during your trek to prevent you from getting dehydrated.

16. Sleeping Mattress

 mattress for trekking

You should carry a self inflatable trek mat with you to give you a peaceful night sleep.

17. First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit for trekking

A first aid kit with all the necessary medicines is very essential for you, so that you may be able to take medicines in time and avoid falling sick.

18. Insect Repellant

Insect repellant for trekking

Insect repellents are important as you will be trekking in the forests and hills, where mosquitoes and many kinds of poisonous insects too may come up.

19. Military knife

military knife for trekking

An all purpose knife should be kept handy, so as to help you in your small problems such as cutting any rope or opening bottles etc.

20. Power Adapter

Power Adapter for trekking

This is very important, as you may not be able to charge your phones or cameras during your trekking tour of Sikkim.

Image Source: google.com/images