Terms and Conditions

Check-in time at Hotel will be 1400 Hrs & Check-out time will be 1100 Hrs. All the bookings are non-transferable & all in-house hotel rules will be effective during your stay. As imposed by the Government Valid photo ID for all members staying at the hotel is mandatory.

We have selected, combined & graded the hotels in a manner, so that you get similar standard of services & facilities at every destination / place of retirement.

As the area is backward it is quite obvious that the constructions of the hotels are unplanned. This further means that almost all the selected hotels are located in the city centres. These hotels may have the view of the building in the front, beside or behind them. As the services are under mark for the area and as mentioned above, we have made our hotel selection on the basis of SERVICES provided by them.

For Extra Person Sharing the Room & Child with Extra Bed, almost all the hotel of our area provides MATTRESS and ROLL OVERS as a supplement to Extra Bed.

In our area almost all the hotels do not have lift, so you will have to climb stairs to reach the rooms. Incase any of you have problems with blood pressure, breathing, knee & heart or if you cannot climb the higher floors, we will request you to report this problem immediately so that we are careful in assigning Hotels which will be more convenient than the ones quoted/reserved for you.

In a hilly area scarcity of water & electricity is a natural phenomenon. Everybody buys water for their day-to-day needs & have learnt to live even without electricity. In case of Load Shading, kindly bear with such situation. To overcome the water crisis certain hotels have fixed schedule for supplying hot & cold water. We strongly regret the inconvenience.

Hotel in Deluxe and Standard Category have system of providing room heater on request & extra payment. This payment is not included in the cost & the you will have to settle it directly with the hotels before check-out. The charge varies from INR 150.00 to INR 200.00 per room per night.

Note on Transportation used in the Packages:

The vehicle used will not be at disposaland will be exclusively used for the group as per the itinerary only (on point to point basis). It will change sector wise.

As the area is backward & due to unwritten syndicate rules your vehicle & drivers will change for every transfer & sightseeing. These drivers come from remote places and are not educated in tourism etiquette and some of them do not know how to speak & behave. Kindly request the guest to be soft & gentle with their drivers.

Often in past guests like you, have been misguided by such drivers. We would like to inform you not to listen to such people & reconfirm whatever they say with us.

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